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Strut Clamps

Pupco Strut Clamps Delivered Just in Time

A key strut channel accessory, our line of strut cushion clamps help absorbs shock and vibrations, reduce noise, and prevent galvanic corrosion. Pupco has materials to help with any job that require strut clamps, strut nuts, or any strut channel needs.

Master Distributor Serving A National Customer Base

Pupco is a distributor for wholesale electrical distributors nationwide. We have a huge inventory of products on-hand and ready to ship. In addition to strut channels, strut clamps, and other accessories, we carry cable tray systems, pipe hangers, rooftop support systems, and Hydra-Zorb cushion clamps. Pupco also specializes in stocking hard-to-find items like cable tray materials and metal finishes like hot-dipped galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel.

If you’re still unable to find just what you’re looking for, Pupco offers custom fabrication programs. This helps prevent excess material from going to waste since your order is custom made specific to your job needs.

Pupco Prides Itself on its Customer Service

We aim to put a smile on each customer’s face when ordering by guaranteeing a live answer from a sales team member every time you call. Our sales professionals are eager to help you find every item you need for a job and submit your order quickly to ensure a speedy delivery.

Same Day Delivery

Pupco offers same-day shipping nationwide for orders placed before 3 PM EST. We deliver straight to the job site to reduce labor costs and save time. Just-in-time delivery is available for electrical wholesale distributors to cut inventory costs.

Check out our available variety of strut cushion clamps below!

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