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60° Vertical Elbows

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Tangents:  All fittings have 3" tangents (flats) at the end of curved side rails.

Fitting Class 1:  Side rail flanges are 1-1/8" wide for NEMA 12B and 12C trays.  Splices and connectors use 4 screw each.

Fitting Class 2:  Side rail flanges are 2" wide for NEMA Class 20A, 20B, 20C trays.  Splices and connectors use 4 screws each.

Fitting Class 3:  Fitting side rail flanges are 2" wide, straight trays 2-3/8" wide for trays exceeding NEMA 20C.  Splices and connectors use 8 screws each.

Splice Plates:  All elbows are supplied with one pair of standard splice plates with hardware at no charge.

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