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FIG. 110CTI - Epoxy Coated (COPPER-GARD) Clevis Hanger Tubing Size

Material:  Carbon steel.

Finish:  Copper plated (110CT) or Copper epoxy coated (COPPER-GARD).  COPPER-GARD products offer superior corrosion protection due to the epoxy coating over electro-galvanized steel.  The alternative copper plating, that has been done historically, identifies the product and is not intended for protection.  Refer to MSS SP-58, 13.3.

Service:  Designed for the suspension of  stationary copper tubing.

Approvals:  Complies with Federal Specifications WW-H-171-E (Type# 1), A-A-1192 A (Type# 1), and Manufacturers' Standardization Society MSS SP-58 and SP-69 (Type# 1).

Ordering:  Specify pipe size, figure number and finish.

"E" dimension includes exposed rod threads beyond bottom of the hex nut.  Exposed rod thread dimension is equal to the diameter of the rod used.

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