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AL: ALUMINUM - ASTOM B209 (Type 5052-H32)

BK: PLAIN - Uncoated Carbon Steel, There is no on the steel except a possibility of some oil left on the part from the pickle and oil or fabrication process. All Carbon Steel products meet ASTM A1011-00 SS GR33 or ASTM A1011-00CS Type B.

CP: COPPER PLATED - Copper Zinc Dichromate, A 0.5 mil(12.7um) electro-galvanized zinc plating melting ASTM B633 SC3 Type I is applied to the surface of the metal. Copper Zinc Dichromate is applied over the zinc. This results in a copper colored appearance and acts as a nonporous barrier sealant that does not react adversely with copper pipe or tubing.

EG: ELECTRO-GALVANIZED - Electroplated Zinc also known as Electro-Galvanized, Electroplating deposits zinc on the surface of the steel by electrolysis from a bath of zinc salts. This coating is recommended for relatively dry indoor use. This is the standard coating for most of our products. The thickness of zinc aplied in this method is between 0.2 mils to 0.5 mils (5.1um to 12.7um). Coatings on our products labeled EG meet ASTM B633 SC3 Type I.


GD: GOLD - Yellow Zinc Dichromate, A 0.5 mil (12.7um) electro-galvanized zinc plating meeting ASTM B633 SC3 Type I is applied to the surface of the metal. Yellow Dichromate is applied over the zinc. This results in a yellowish-gold appearance and acts as a nonporous barrier sealant.

GR: PAINTED GREEN - Green Powder Coat, a Polyester powder coating is electrostatically supplied after fabrication. The powder is then baked on creating a 1.38 to 1.77mil (35-45um) thick. The hardness of this coating meets ASTM D-3363-4, the impact rating meets ASTM D-2794-93 and the gloss meets ASTM D-523-85. This creates a coating that is resistant to chipping, peeling and corrosion.

HD: HOT DIPPED GALAVANIZED AFTER FABRICATION - The steel is zinc coated by hot dipping the fabricated product. The product is dipped in molten zinc and is completely covered on all surfaces. This coating is generally recommended for outdoor use. Coatings on our products labeled HD meet ASTM A123. The zinc coating thickness is typically 2.6mils (66.0um) or 1.5 oz. per square foot (.046 kg per square meter) per side.



SS4: TYPE 304 STAINLESS STEEL - ASTM A240 (Type 304)

SS6: TYPE 316 STAINLESS STEEL - ASTM A240 (Type 316)



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